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Since 2007, the Midlands Business Awards have been celebrating our region’s innovativeness and entrepreneurship at a gala event.

In the 1980’s I was involved in promoting entertainers through a Management Agency. I left to follow other pursuits, but my love for show business remained strong. It was my dream to re-kindle this passion and I was always on the look-out for an opportunity.

That opportunity was realised with the Midlands Business Awards which I started in 2007. The only thing I had at that time was a belief in what I wanted to do. My inspiration was to create an event which would celebrate business success stories in the same way that the Oscars celebrate film stars.

To my way of thinking, Entrepreneurs, Innovators, Manufacturers, Exporters, Business Leaders, and Universities are the real heroes in our society, and should be seen in this light. They are the wealth creators who drive the region, and ultimately the country, and should be recognised and celebrated.

There were (and still are!) plenty of challenges along the way, but I have been successful to achieve a prestigious platform for Midlands Businesses, from all industries and sectors, from which to share and celebrate their success and help promote wealth creators and wealth creation in the region.

Harjinder Singh Sandher Founder of the Midlands Business Awards

Entries for Nominations for 2022 will be open from 1st April 2021.

You can nominate yourself, your company and your clients.

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