Title: 98.3% Customer satisfaction score – our teams are here to help!

Title: 98.3% Customer satisfaction score – our teams are here to help!

If, like most of the UK, you’ve had to move your staff from the office to home working then it’s probably been a tricky few weeks. We’ve helped hundreds of our customers make the move and despite their own difficulties they were kind enough to take part in a survey we ran to find out how our teams had done in supporting them through the process.

The result was a 98.3% customer satisfaction score along with some great feedback. We have answered almost 500 queries about home working since lockdown and in the first two weeks took more than twice the normal number of support requests. We also provided more than 250 new workstation devices to customers to help them help their staff work remotely.

Now with this next lockdown stage we want to make sure everyone is getting the support they need. You don’t have to be a current customer of Zenzero Solutions. We are here to ensure anyone who needs help with their IT is able to get it as quickly as possible and we are always taking on new customers.

Zenzero’s staff are all remote working so we know what issues can arise. Our business is making sure your business or organisation is able to continue as best it can during these difficult times. We don’t just provide managed IT support and solutions. We give you access to cost-effective and reliable IT to keep your organisation online and achieve your goals with cutting edge technology, state of the art security and expert technical support.

With at least three weeks of lockdown ahead we’re here to help whether it is a query about support, a review of your IT system or additional technical resources for your business. Give us a call to discuss your requirements.



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