Derby business introduces COVID testing to protect workforce as they return to the office

Derby business introduces COVID testing to protect workforce as they return to the office

Derby IT expert Neuways is supporting its employees as they return to the office, by enrolling on the NHS’ COVID-19 testing scheme.
The government-backed scheme sees employers able to order large quantities of lateral flow testing kits for their employees to use. Before each scheduled shift in the office, Neuways employees who sign up to the scheme take a 30-minute test, with the result recorded online.

A negative test means staff can enter the office without fear of spreading or catching the COVID-19 virus.

By encouraging staff to regularly take lateral flow tests, Neuways has been able to safely increase the number of employees working together in their Chellaston office. Neuways, as with many businesses, has seen most of its staff working from home since March 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic.
Managing Director, Martin Roberts, said: “The availability of COVID-19 lateral flow tests to businesses is the best way we can support and protect our staff as we return to the office.

“COVID-19 tests are not mandatory for Neuways staff, but take-up of the tests has been a real positive to see, as we look to increase the amount of safe, face-to-face time our employees have with each other.

“While the technology to work remotely has been fantastic over the last year, and we will be looking to continue a flexible, hybrid approach to working going forward, to have the ability and capacity to return to the office will be a real strength for us as a business and our customers.

“We would encourage our fellow business leaders to engage with the NHS’ scheme and look forward to seeing more businesses open their offices back up to staff, safely.”

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