Mark Of A Man

Mark Of A Man

Mark Sephton - Mark of a man

Out now? Available from Waterstone

The essence of my book is to help men become better men. I delve into the complex emotions men face, I talk a lot about the responsibilities of being a man and what we should expect from ourselves. I look at the difference between the masculine and feminine energy and the beautiful differences between male and females.

I have wrote this book from the heart and shared some of my own struggles as a man using the context of my divorce as a way to share what I am really getting at here. We all know the importance of encouraging men to talk, now we must also encourage men to think.

While there is some strong focus on this book being for men, it's absolutely going to be enlightening and provoke curiosity for women too. Many women in my network have ordered copies for the important men in their life.

Mark is also available for interviews via Podcast, TV or radio along with any blogs or magazine articles.

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